Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Restore 2.x backup to 1.5
Author Markus Ostenried

four days ago Helen wrote:

[firebird-support] Back Convert from FB 2.0.1 to 1.5.x

Don't use an Admin tool (or anything else that does backups via the
Services API).

1. Temporarily rename gbak.exe in the Firebird bin folder to something else
2. Copy gbak.exe from Fb 1.5 into the Fb 2.0 bin folder
3. Have Fb 2.0 server running and Fb 2.0 client available
4. Use that gbak.exe to back up the DB under the running Fb 2.0 server
5. Make a transportable backup (-b and -t switches)

That backup should then restore under the Fb 1.5 server. (more
complicated if you have done metadata changes to the DB that Fb 1.5
doesn't support - you will have to get rid of them first, which might
affect data as well.)

Tip for the future: never install a major upgrade in a production
system without rigorously testing with existing application software
in a test environment. There will *always* be things that need to be upgraded.