Subject Re: Firebird Help!
Author Jeffrey Bradley
--- In, "john_t_g12345"
<john_t_g12345@...> wrote:
> Could I please have some help? I need to install Firebird on my box
> (running Mandriva Linux), but something went wrong. I tried installing
> Firebird 2.X CS, and it installed and showed up in my system
> configuration, but always showed as "Stopped". I tried to start it,
> but it wouldn't work.
> I tried rebooting, since it was set to start up at boot. In the
> verbose listing, it said Firebird was successfully loaded, but when
> Linux was done booting up, it was apparently constantly "stopped"
> again, a status which wouldn't change no matter what I did.
> So I uninstalled this and tried Firebird 2.X SS, which did exactly the
> same thing.
> After this I tried all the available versions for Linux and all these
> other ones would start installing, freeze for a second (at the
> installation progress screen) and then say, "Installed!" but never
> showed up at all anywhere on the computer.
> Long story short, no versions of Firebird will work properly! Is there
> any help I can get, any suggestions?

What version of Mandriva? Did you download the install from the
Firebird site or did you use Mandriva's Management Console? I have
succesfully installed Firebird on Mandrake 10.1, Mandriva 2006, and
Mandriva 2007. Mandriva 2007 is the only one I have been able to
install from the MMC - all others I ended up downloading from the
Firebird site.