Subject Re: TIBRestoreService
Author Adam
--- In, Krzysztof Koz³owski
<kozlorf@...> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to restore the database from the GBK file, using
> TIBRestoreService (IBServices). The problem is, that all the
> connections to the database should be closed prior to restoring it. Is
> there any way of preparing the database for the restore, I mean: 1)
> closing all the connections to the database (all of them, even those
> which are not established from my app), 2) not letting anyone to
> connect before I finish up with restoring.
> Closing the DB service would probably close all the connections.
> However I need the service active to restore the database, so I have
> to start it again - and I still won;t be sure that no-one has connected.

After going through the shutdown database routine, rename or delete
the old database.
Restore it to a different filename, and rename it once restore is