Subject Re: Migrating from IB5.6 to Firebird
Author bausufm
--- In, "Leyne, Sean" <Sean@...> wrote:
> > we have to upgrade a lot of Interbase 5.6. databases to Firebird 1.5.
> > or do i have to backup with interbas 5.6 and restore with firebird?
> This is the correct order:
> -- backup under old version "as transportable" backup,
> -- restore under new version
> > 2) how can i get the version of the client-dll the application loads.
> > i use ibobjects. i couldnt find any routine to to query the client
> > version. i want to know wether my app loads the interbase or the
> > firebird client dll.
> IBObjects has a feature which allows you to specify the DLL name,
> Firebird has FBClient.DLL.
> For Firebird the GDS32.DLL is only a wrapper around FBCLient.DLL
> So, using this approach, you don't have to worry around the version #.
> Sean
Thanks Sean,
but what if the old server isnt present any more and we have to
upgrade old databases?
the background is: our customers get a application update with
firebird 1.5 included. so interbase will be uninstalled. some
customers may have several hundreds or even thousands of databases!
and we cannot asure they made a backup of all their databases.
so we have to upgrade (backup/restore) with firebird. in our tests the
interbase databases seem to be ok after a backup/restore with firebird!?
So: is it really neccessary to backup with ib5.6?
What can go wrong if we backup interbase-databases with firebird?