Subject Re: Firebird 2.0 & Delphi 7
Author Adam
> I have an application written in D7, Firebird 1.5.2 classic is the
> back end. I used the Interbase components (IBSQL, IBQuery, etc) that
> were native to Delphi to connect to the database.
> Would it be feasible to upgrade to Firebird 2.0 with this
> application, or will I need to rewrite it?

IBX still works (pretty much from what I can tell) with Firebird 2.

> If I have to rewrite, what is recommended? ADO?
> most of my queries and sprocs are fairly simple, the only thing even
> remotely sophisticated is the application uses some of the Interbase
> Administrative tools to maintain the database. Also, I'm using the
> IBEventNotify.
> For the curious, I need to go to .NET because the client wants to put
> a web frontend along side the app.

You answer your own question here. If you need to rewrite your VCL to
.NET, then using the .NET provider would be the better way to go.