Subject Re: [firebird-support] Idle Connection / Cache Release
Author Slalom
All I am concerned about here is the page caching. Queries which execute against cached indices or data perform much better obviously. I want to know that after these indices or data have been cached in a particular connection that being idle over a period of time does not affect the cache of the connection.

There are not other processes which are requiring FB to release memory and there is still plenty of available physical RAM even when my connections have maxed out their cache.

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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Idle Connection / Cache Release

> Environment is as follows:
> FB v2.0.1 (Classic)
> Windows Server 2003
> Dual Core Xeon
> I am observing that FB connections seem to be releasing memory back to
> windows after remaining idle for some time. I am basing these
> assumptions on the amount of memory each process indicates is allocated
> to it via Task Manager.

You look at amount of physical memory allocated to process. Windows
may swap it out if another processes needs memory. Amount of virtual
memory must be near the same

> I am wondering if this behavior is by design


> and if it is configurable.

Why do you want to configure it ? If FB will grab all physical memory then
another processes can't run. If you have no another memory consuming
processes in system then Windows wouldn't swap out FB's physical memory


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