Subject Re: [firebird-support] OAT stuck --> OIT stuck --> Lost Performance
Author Danny Garcia Hernandez
Hello Ann, i was reading your Episode 4- OAT, OIT, & Sweep. Here you
explain how FB transaction store a snapshot transaction mask with all
interesting transaction.

"A transaction is "interesting" to another transaction if it is
concurrent - meaning that its updates are not committed, or if it rolled
back - meaning that its updates should be discarded, or if it's in limbo."

Read transaction is not included ?.

Garbage collector remove all record version created for transactions
before the oldest interesting transaction store in the transaction mask?.

The problem is that i have performance degradation because OAT stuck and
OIT stuck. Next Transaction ID increase while Odest active Transaction
ID remain stuck. I think that this problem is cause for indefinitily
read-commited transaction, that´s true?.

Thank in Advanced

Ann W. Harrison wrote:

> Danny Garcia Hernandez wrote:
> > Hi, i was reading some days ago that IB 7.1 and later have a new suppor
> > to prevent OAT stuck with indefinitely active read only read committed
> > transaction, that´s true?.
> >
> > It´s posible in FB?. How?.
> Yes - that's the way it works, IIRC.
> Ann