Subject RE: [firebird-support] Accessing firebird database on LAN
Author Tariq Mujber
Thanks for your feedback. The "aliases.conf" file does not contain any
information or path related to my database file or software. Can you please
let me know what sort of information should be include in this files relate
to my database file.

Thanks ..


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Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2007 12:34 PM
Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Accessing firebird database on LAN

At 06:31 PM 3/06/2007, you wrote:
>The miHotel software does not require mentioning the name of the database
>file; only it requires defining the path of the file.
> When I am trying to access the database file from the server where the
>database is stored using this command:
>\Program Files\SoftMI\miHotel\DB\
>the software loads the database file without any problem but when I am
>trying to access the database file from the client PC, I get this message
>"Missing configuration file: C:\Program Files\FirBird\aliases.conf".

This message is not coming from Firebird. The application appears to
be making the presence of aliases.conf a condition for starting
up. This isn't architecturally valid, since aliases.conf (a) lives
in the root directory of the Firebird server; (b) is not accessed by
the client application at all and (c) is optional anyway.

If your application is performing a check on the local disk for
aliases.conf then I'm afraid it appears that whoever wrote your
software did not intend for it to be used on a network. Have you
contacted the vendor at all for help with this?

>I am wondering if there is some testing to find out what is the problem as
>have tried everything I know but no result.

Reality checks:

1) Ping the server by its hostname and check that you have the
correct IP address for it.

2) Go to the Firebird root directory and open aliases.conf in a text
editor such as Notepad. Find out the actual path of the database
file that is in there for the alias "DB\". (I must say "DB\" is a
weird alias: you should try it without the backslash as well...)

3) Copy isql.exe to a directory on the client machine. Go there,
and try to connect to the server. You will need a valid Firebird
username and password to do this, and I suggest you use the hostname
rather than the IP address.


isql 'OurServer:C:\Program Files\SoftMI\miHotel\d:\path\to\dbfile'
-user BOSS -password 'pass$%xx'

(using valid username and password, natch!)

If you succeed, you will see this:



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