Subject Re: [firebird-support] Migration from Interbase 6.0 to Firebird 1.5
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:21 AM 5/06/2007, you wrote:
>I have an application in Delphi 5 Enterprise whith Interbase 6.0.
>In W2k it works fine, but in W Xp, it start running very slowly.
>I have change the extension gdb for another but is it still very slow.
>Now I'm trying to comver my DB to Firebird 1.5. I have make a backup
>with Interbase 6 and a restore with firebird. It seems to work very fast.
>My question is: It is fully compatible?


The main part of the problem your reported was that your database
needed housekeeping. The backup and restore cycle would have
rendered a nice, shiny new database. So keep an eye on your
transaction statistics as it is highly likely that your Delphi
application is causing an untoward buildup of garbage.

>Have I to do anything else?

No. InterBase 6.0 is just a very old version with several thousand
more bugs. :-) Converting to Firebird is the standard fix-all for
databases that struggle under the dead and broken IB 6.

However..!!!! Amongst its many sins, IB 6 created databases with
several warts. You should pay attention to these:

1. Forced writes is OFF by default. It should be ON to be safe in
Windows. Check this in the database attributes and fix it if needed.

2. The default page_size in DBs created by IB 6 is 1Kb. That's not
realistic in this day and age and is probably part the cause of the
problem you reported. You should increase the page size to 4 Kb for
normal usage, maybe more if there is some special need.