Subject RE: [firebird-support] Monitoring Firebird SQL
Author Nigel Weeks
There are no native methods of SQL tracking, but there are a number of
options you can do:

Use a proxy server on top:

a free one is called balance, which can output all traffic to the console
if you wish (very verbose, and not all that readable.)

Inside triggers and stored procedures:

Inside every Trig and SP, write a record to a trace table, outlining any
parameters passed in. Handy for tracking down slow queries, especially if
there's a timestamp on the log table.

At the Database Abstraction Layer:

If you use an abstraction layer, put a few extra lines of code to write
the command you're about to run, out to a file, or into another DB table:


function db_qry($sql){

if( $fh = fopen("c:/logs/query.log","w") ) {

fwrite($fh, date()." ".$sql)



return ibase_query($sql);


$rec = db_qry("select * from table where field = value");


Remember that the above example is blocking - that is, only one query can be
written to the file at any one time. For faster logging, consider an
asynchronous method that passes data to a buffer that then gets synced to
the file.


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Subject: [firebird-support] Monitoring Firebird SQL

How can I know what SQL's are being processed by the firebird service?

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