Subject RE: [firebird-support] HELP - Connection limit reached
Author Nigel Weeks
Usually, you've exceeded the server's capacity with a massive number of
simultaneous users, but I'd imagine you know this, and you've only got a few
users connected at the moment.

Therefore, I suspect you launching massive amounts of successful

It possible means you've got a tight loop in your code around the database
connection section, and it's failing, or not reported as connecting

For example (in PHP, but you'll get the drift):


Function connect(){

if( $conn = ibase_conect("server:/path/to/db","sysdba","masterkey") ) {

// Connected ok

return 0; // This is the error, and should be a 1

} else {

// Connect failed

return 0;

} // End of if test

} // End of connect function

// Connect to the database

while(! Connect());


As you can see, the while loop will spawn unlimited connections as the
return value from the successful connect is 0, not 1;

If you're the only person connection, as I presume you are, your code might
be launching a connect storm

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Sent: Tuesday, 29 May 2007 9:30 AM
Subject: [firebird-support] HELP - Connection limit reached

Firebird 1.5.4
Delphi 7 Enterprise

When try to connect to my app, the following error appears:

"Maximum user count, exceeded. Contact your database administrator"

what this mean ?


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