Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Delphi7 (with dbexpress) on wine
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:21 AM 29/05/2007, you wrote:

>Now I installed the server in another machine ( Using isql
>with command
> connect user sysdba
>password XXXX
>it can connect and execute select's on the server, but when I run 'wine
>Requisicao.exe' it fails. Again the same error messages appears on the
>client firebird.log and nothing on the sever log.

By "the same error messages", do you mean the Windows network errors
that you reported before? Or are you seeing actual errors coming
from Firebird?

>But I know there is a
>communication between client and server because when I run 'wine
>Requisicao.exe' the network card led blinks 4 times, give 2 seconds and
>blinks 4 times again, followed by client Requisicao.exe fail (I tried
>several times and ever it do it). Sure that I changed .ini database path
>to 'Database='.

You are seeing a network request from the client. But, if you are
receiving the same network errors as before, then the client's
network request is failing.

>Is there a way to grow up firebird server log verbosity?

The log reports the network errors that it receives. However, the
client itself has no influence over the network: it is merely using
it as a transport. Since you are seeing WINDOWS socket errors, it is
clear that your Wine server is unable to make that network connection.

Which client library does your user application load?

As for an exe that you could run inside Wine for your testing, why
not try isql.exe?

Have you tried pinging the Ubuntu server from Wine? (using ping.exe,
rather than just ping on its own).