Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Delphi7 (with dbexpress) on wine
Author Tom Lobato
>First of all, check that your connection is not blocked by firewall.
>Error numbers mean that you have no connection to the server.
>After that please try to connect to your database using firebird
>command line tool isql.exe. If you will be able to connect with isql,
>the problem is in your program (or it's settings). If not - this is more
>general connection problem (like firewall, for example).
>By the way - where is your firebird server installed ? If you are
>trying to connect to the server installed on the same machine, try to
>connect via localhost instead of local protocol.

The fbserver runs on localhost, where firewall allows full access. In
all cases of fbserver (fbserver.exe on wine,
linux fb2, linux fb1) that I described I can connect with isql and
execute selects on the database that the
executable uses. The problem shoulb beon the client side. The messages:

ubuntu (Client) Sat May 26 13:12:57 2007
INET/inet_error: connect errno = 10065

ubuntu (Client) Sat May 26 13:13:02 2007
INET/inet_error: connect errno = 10065

appears in firebird.log, so I think that something is arriving to db (I
don`t know if it arrives in the right way).
My .ini file:

DriverName=UIB FireBird15
Interbase TransIsolation=ReadCommited

Both via localhost or local protocol it comes the same error.

Where can I find a sample .exe (and a .fdb) which access firebird to
test on my system?

Tom Lobato