Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Delphi7 (with dbexpress) on wine
Author Tom Lobato
Hi Pavel,
thank you for help.

I already copied it. It's in the system32 folder.
Now I see that when I try to run the executable, firebird.log shows:

ubuntu (Client) Sat May 26 13:12:57 2007
INET/inet_error: connect errno = 10065

ubuntu (Client) Sat May 26 13:13:02 2007
INET/inet_error: connect errno = 10065

First two lines comes imediatly when I hit enter (wine
/path_to/Requisicao.exe), then it gives about 5 seconds and last two
lines appears when wine aborts. It calls wine debugger before aborts,
but it gives no inteligible log, only registers values (do you think is
it useful to see wine debugger log?).

I tried to run firebird in several ways: Windows firebird2 installed via
wine, Linux firebird2 installed from tar ball, Linux firebird1.5
installed via apt-get. Each one I try some different Database path on my
.ini file for my executable.

Does it help to find the solution?

Thank you,
Tom Lobato

Pavel Kutakov escreveu:
> > I have a application made in Delphi 7 (using dbexpress) which access
> > a Firebird2 database.
> > I'm trying to run it on wine (version 0.9.37 on ubuntu feisty) with
> > no success. I`ve copied fbclient.dll (and others) to linux and tried
> > several ways.
> > I've heard it's common to run such application type on wine, so am I
> > forgetting something? Can you provide some pointers or hints?
> Have you copied msvcr71.dll to the same directory with fbclient.dll ?
> Best regards,
> Pavel Kutakov
> SQLLY Development.
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