Subject Re: Install Firebird automatically with my software
Author yogiyang007
Thanks for this valuable hint. I will surely remember it.

My current client is using a DOS based MIS and would now like to
update from DOS based systems to Windows based true Client Server system.

Fortunately I am developing that system in VB. Initially I thought
that I will use MS SQL Server as backend but then I thought why give
my client extra cost of ownership as here my currency is small in
value as against US $. Which is 1 US$ = NRI 43 (approx). So imaging a
server costing say 800 US$ will cost a fortune here.

--- In, Lester Caine <lsces@...> wrote:
> yogiyang007 wrote:
> >> I would suggest that you let your installation allow the user to
> >> select to install Firebird or not, what if he/she already has
> >> installed?
> >
> > That would never be the case as this product is not at all known in
> > this region. In fact I will be introducing this product (sort of)!
> As people have said - take care - you will be not then be surprised
when you
> find that your customers are more knowledgeable than you and are
already using
> Firebird :)
> There will be less trouble with the newer versions of Firebird, but
> has also appeared in products so may already be installed on a
customer machine.
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