Subject RE: [firebird-support] Accessing firebird database on LAN
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi,
> The software which I am installing is called miHotel Manager. When I am
> installing the software, it asks me if I want to install it as a
> server or a
> client. So, I did install the software on a computer as a server and on
> another computer as client. The software installs a copy of the firebird
> server automatically on the server computer. One the client computer, two
> files are installed on c:\windows\system32, which are fbclient.dll, and/or
> gds32.dll.
> The windows task manager shows that the fbserver.exe and fbguard.exe files
> are working.
> The software on the server computer works fine but when I am trying to
> access it on the client computer, it gives a message that can not
> access the
> database. Here is the access command which I did use:
>\Program Files\SoftMI\miHotel\DB\

this is a path - it has no filename at the end, It needs a filename.
It could not have worked on the server either. So you must be mistaken
there,, sorry.

> This command works fine on the server but it gives an error on
> the client to
> access the database.
> I hope this explains my problem.
> Thanks for the help.
> Tariq