Subject Re: 2.01 no default SYSDBA
Author Adam
--- In, "Kyle Green" <kyleblm@...> wrote:
> All,
> I may need to make a correction here. My 1.5 scripts may have always run
> directly on the machine rather than by Remote Desktop. I'm still not
> So it looks like I may be stuck even with FB 1.5.
> Can someone tell me if the script tools from IbExpert will function
> somewhat like bat files? If I need to convert all my projects,it
would be
> good if I could find something similar to the bat file I already have.
> Sorry to bother everyone,
> Kyle


A lot of confusion seems to be that your environment keeps changing
from post to post. This may be that you are trying different things,
or correcting or restating the same environment.

If you are using Remote Desktop, you cant use a local path connection
string. (Technically with some versions, some settings, and some
access rights you can, but don't even try it until you have it working).

Change your connection string to

I would be very surprised if it did not work through remote desktop
with those settings.

I am of course assuming you have not got Interbase on the same machine
which uses the same port.