Subject RE: [firebird-support] 2.01 no default SYSDBA
Author Kyle Green

So I have some confusion here. My bat file runs scripts run on Windows
2003 with FB 1.5.

Before I uninstall 2.01 and reinstall 1.5, I just want to get a consensus
that it is not surprising to anyone.

In otherwords, it seems that it is something in the code or configuration
for FB 2.0 that prevents the script from running, not Windows 2003 itself.

And if it _is_ a difference with FB 2.0, it seems we could understand it
and see whether it is by design, or is a bug?

One further point: If I directly create the database with using the
script, I can use the script to connect to the database, and drop the
database. So the user credentials are accepted: this is the connect line

CONNECT 'd:\db\fb\Data\MyDb\MyDb.fdb'
PASSWORD 'masterkey';

followed by a drop.

So even on FB 2.0 the script will run to make the connection. The problem
may be limited to the "Create Database" command?

Which seems more like a bug...



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Subject: RE: [firebird-support] 2.01 no default SYSDBA
From: "Leyne, Sean" <Sean@...>
Date: Wed, May 23, 2007 14:21


> Any ideas why it would work from the command line, but not from script

> called by bat?

You need to combine your batch file with a Windows Script File or

Windows Host File script -- to allow you to define/associate a user

context to the execution of the batch file.

You can send your thanks to Microsoft, they have really clamped down of

the execution of 'unauthorized' functions.

I would recommend that you look into getting a distribution license for

a tool like IBEScript from IBExpert -- it does a great job for us in

running db scripts/trapping errors, etc...

A tool like it is a required item for any developer looking to deploy

FB/IB solutions.


P.S. Sorry Martijn, I wasn't sure if you had a similar tool... so I

didn't mention it.