Subject Re: [firebird-support] Install Firebird automatically with my software
Author Stefan Heymann
Is the Embedded version of Firebird an option for you? That would just
be a few DLLs and other files that you deliver together with your
application in the application's directory.

If you want to install the full server, there is a command line switch
for the setup program that performs a silent install. Please refer to
the documentation for the setup for the exact syntax.

Best Regards


> Hello All,

> I have developed a small application using Firebird as backend.

> I want to deploy this application. I want to create such a setup for
> my application that Firebird gets installed atuomatically Without any
> prompting from the user.

> Can someone guide me here.

> I have noticed such an installation when installing DBA Manufacturing
> (free edition).

> Thanks in Advance.