Subject Re: Commenting whole procedures
Author rogervellacott
I am trying to get new versions of our app to detect whether metadata
changes are required, and to automatically carry them out.
Commenting out the entire procedure would remove the dependencies
while table and field changes are being made. An EXIT at the
beginning doesn't do this.

I notice this is done in a couple of the db front-end tools -
IBExpert and FBDeveloperStudio for example. I assumed there was some
sequence of characters which could be placed at the beginning and end
of the procedure which would embrace the entire shebang (like (* ..
*) in Delphi).

Roger Vellacott
Passfield Data Systems Ltd

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> > >How do you comment out the entire contents of a procedure,
> > >the comments within the procedure itself?
> Alternatively, just use "EXIT;" as your first line?
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