Subject Re: [firebird-support] Xeon
You can use SBS 2003 if you have it, or any Windows variation such as
XP Pro. Are you talking about a file server, a domain controller or
You can also use any Linux variation such as Red Hat or Suse
10.x(Novell) and you will get excellent performance depending on how
your application is constructed. I would go for a Linux version, but
that's only if reliability is an issue. Its down to your own system
knowledge and abilities - Firebird will work on all these platforms.
Alan J Davies

Quoting visakan13 <visakan13@...>:

> Hi All,
> We have a Intel Pentium Xeon 1.86Ghz with 512M(will be upgaded to 2G)
> Memory and 160GB Hard Disk. I am planning to put the firebird in this
> server. Can anyone guide me what kind of OS do I need(SBS 2003?) in
> order to share the Database for at least 20 users and another 5-10
> users accessing this database via remote access?
> Thank you