Subject Re: Firebird-embed-2.01 and a *.gdb with default character utf8
Author Adam
--- In, "Peter Turner"
<PeterTurner@...> wrote:
> Not sure if it's an issue, but shouldn't the database be named something
> other than .gdb? if I remember correctly, other discussions suggested
> not naming the database with the .gdb extension because of Windows
> issues.

Technically it is because of System Restore rather than Windows
itself. It is a 'feature' of Windows ME and XP that makes backup
copies of 'important' files when they are changed. This allows you to
roll back to a restore point if you manage to break something.

I quoted the word 'important' because it unfortunately judges anything
with a gdb extension as important enough to backup whenever it is changed.

Now hopefully yahoo will format the following MSDN url correctly:

I know that the Vista verson of System Restore is based on Volume
Shadow Copy in 2003 server, so I don't know whether that changes the
rules, but I would personally avoid gdb. It takes all of about 5
seconds to change your alias and then never need think about it again.