Subject Re: Firebird 2.0.1, Linux FC4, can't connect, can't create
Author Ashley
Hi there

I un-installed the FirebirdCS, and installed
FirebirdSS- and all working fine now.

Restarted the linux box, and still working fine. Not sure what caused
the problem, if it is something to do with FC4, or maybe securities
and the way I installed and created (restored) the databases. I
suspect the latter... (every time when I've found a "serious bug" with
Firebird I have found it is not a bug, it is me, and I should have
read-up a bit more)

Many thanx
Kind regards
ashley ;-)

--- In, "Ashley" <ashley@...> wrote:
> Hi there
> I have upgraded FB on my Linux server. Since upgrading I can no-longer
> connect to any database. I cannot create a database either.
> Firebird: FirebirdCS-
> Linux: FC 4
> PC: Intel Pentium 3, 700
> Process: ...backed up my databases.
> Uninstalled FirebirdSS-
> Installed FB-cs-2.0.1
> Restored my databases
> ...not able to connect to any databases, either using isql, or
> remotely from my Windows pc (I have upgraded to FB 2.0.1 on my Windows
> pc too)
> Gives error: access to database "/databases/assets.fdb" is denied by
> server administrator
> I have checked permissions of this folder, firebird is onwer, have
> tried giving 777.
> I am able to connect to FB server on the linux box, (using IB Expert)
> and can add users.
> Any help or advice will be appreciated!
> Thank you in advance
> Many thanx
> Kind regards
> Ashley