Subject Re: Strange API string truncation error
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I noticed some traffic about UTF8 as a connection character set a
> while back, so is this a known problem? And if so:
> - Is it in the client or the server?
> - Has it been fixed in 2.0.1?

Just to be sure that this was considered - starting with FB 2.x the
UTF8 character is now 4-byte long, while UNICODE_FSS - only 3. In FB
1.x UTF8 was simple alias for UNICODE_FSS and was 3 bytes long. Can it
be an issue here?


P.S. I have tried "select (extract(year from current_timestamp) || '')
as bla from rdb$database" using Jaybird with our own implementation of
the wire protocol - everything works fine.