Subject Re: Firebird on Ubuntu (server)
Author Milan Babuskov
--- "Mike" <mhencin@...> wrote:
> I am not sure what or if any firewall is blocking it? I don't even
> know where to start for that.

To check the filtering rules (i.e. blocking access) use this:

iptables -t filter --list

You can also checkout the NAT and mangle tables as well, as the
packets could be sent elsewhere:

iptables -t nat --list
iptables -t mangle --list

> root@ubuntu:/opt/firebird/bin# cat /etc/inetd.conf | grep gds
> gds_db stream tcp nowait.30000 firebird
> /opt/firebird/bin/fb_inet_server fb_inet_server # Firebird Database
> Remote Serve

Now, a stupid thing to check: is inetd running?

ps ax | grep inetd

Milan Babuskov