Subject Re: Database for images
Author Glebas

> I'm contemplating putting all of our images (3+ million, I think)
> into a single database. The table will just hold a PK, some
> identifying items (<16 bytes), and a blob to hold the images. A
> rough estimate gives a size of 350GB, with perhaps an additional
10GB a year.
> A reason for moving from files to a database is to improve access
> The images are "compressed TIFF" - I'll try to do some additional
> compression, but without significant benefit I will keep them as
they are.
> The size of the images varies: 50-500KB.

I use the same approach for storing zipped office documents.
I have main database with complicated structure but moderate in size
and document database which is bigger 4-8 GB (but not 350 :) but
has one table and two fields: PK and a blob.

No probem so far, recently moved from 1.53 to 2.01.
You shall pay attention to the fact that table size limit of 35 GB
was removed in fb2 as you may read in release notes.