Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error Message Character Set not installed
Author Stefan Heymann

thanks for your help. Everything's working now.

I included SET NAMES UTF8 to my database creation script and used ISQL
to run it. Now i will also include fbintl.conf to the setup and so the
whole thing will not be that WIN1252 picky any more :-)

Thanks again.

Best Regards


>> I am developing an application using Firebird 2.0, which is completely
>> written in UTF-8. So the database has UTF8 as the default character
>> set and the application is using UTF8 as the client connection
>> character set (I'm using IBO 4.6.B - didn't migrate to 4.7 so far
>> because of compatibility issues and we have a fair next week so I
>> don't want to break my code at this moment).
>> Everything is working fine when using a regular Firebird 2.0.1 server.
>> But I am getting the error message
>> ISC Error No 335544854
>> CHARACTER SET WIN1252 is not installed
>> or
>> CHARACTER SET WIN1252 is not installed
>> At procedure 'GET_USER_NAME'
>> At trigger 'BU_ELEMENTS'

> Is it fresh new database created with UTF8 as default character set ?
> (otherwise character set of literals is preserved at BLR level)

> (And it seems you are missing intl subdirectory with *.conf file.)

> Ivan

>> when I use the Embedded version of either 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 (the
>> situation is even worse with 2.0.1 Embedded). BTW, I don't use WIN1252
>> anywhere.
>> Is that a bug in the Embedded version? What can I do?
>> Regards
>> Stefan

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