Subject Re: [firebird-support] Quick question about a debian install
Author Michael Weissenbacher
> I'm trying to install a firebird server on a debian etch distro.
> I've installed :
> firebird2-common
> firebird2-server-common
> firebird2-super-server
> firebird2-utils-super
Unfortunately debian named the packages firebird2, even though they
contain 1.5. This has been asked before btw.

> After aptitude-install a isql-fb "show version" command shows:
> ISQL Version: LI-V1.5.3.4870 Firebird 1.5
> What do i have to do to install Firebird2 server? Can i do it with an
> aptitude install?
Nope, AFAIK there is no offical firebird2 Debian package.