Subject Re: Performance
Author pokka_chi
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> Always make tests with the simplest possible client, i.e. ISQL.
> Use SET STAT ON; to see whether extra disk activity will be visible

I've done that. For first simple direct select of a record by
primary key after cold boot, the time is around 6 seconds. For
second time, it is sub-second.

For slightly different but equally simple "select first 1 * from
my_table where primary_key > 10000 order by primary_key", the first
time access is around 6 seconds but the second time is instant.
However, when I change 10000 to 20000, it is 6 seconds again.

In fact, I'm more concerned about the latter because it is commonly
used in doing paging of the database records on web e.g. select first
no_of_records_page * from table where primary_key >
primary_key_of_last_record_in_last_page order by primary_key.

> How big is the cache the database uses ?

I use the default (cache = 2048 pages; client map size=8192).

> Did you validate the database using GFIX ?

It is a testing database generated by my program. I have regenerated
the database to only 500,000 records (around 2GB in size). The
response seems to be faster.