Subject Re: Is client connected to normal or embedded server?
Author mustbeemonty
I had thought of this option, I just assumummed there must be a
simple call the server to get the information, that I couldn't locate
in the manual.

Many Thanks.

--- In, Paul Vinkenoog <paul@...>
> mustbeemonty wrote:
> > Is there is way for a client to check whether it is connected to
> > normal server or the embedded version?
> Try to connect to a database with a non-existing user name and
> password. If it works, you're talking to an embedded server.
> (Note: to do anything *useful* with the connection, you probably
> a valid user name and/or role, although you can use any password.
> as a test, the above works. BTW, the user process must have access
> rights to the database FILE. This is not necessary - even
undesired -
> in a normal client-server setup.)
> HTH,
> Paul Vinkenoog