Subject Re: Firebird 2.0.1: Database corrupt under
Author mark_gebauer
--- In, "Vlad Horsun" <hvlad@...> wrote:
> Mark, i can propose following to deeper investigate your (our)
problem :
> a) if you can create reproducible test case - feel free to register
it in
> our tracker or mail directly to me
> b) if you can't create reproducible test case - i can create private
build for
> you with
> b1) proposed but not verified fix, or
> b2) additional logging to catch bug (it will not fix it but show
if my assumption
> about how to fix it is right)
> Regards,
> Vlad


it's a little bit difficult for me to reproduce this bug. It occurs
on a 24h/7d system from time to time, and my client will not be very
happy to let me use it for testing purposes (my workaround works fine
now); otherwise I would need enough PCs or VMs (>10) running for days
or weeks (the moment of corruption is really unpredictable). The next
thing is that I am accessing the DB with Delphi and IBX components
(the interaction is not really visible to me in every situation).

AFAIK the problem was that FB allows one to delete a record from
a dataset while accessing it within the same transaction. Is this right?

If it helps I can send a zipped db containing the corrupt table/index
(the size is about 3MB).