Subject Re: Performance
Author pokka_chi
--- In, Aage Johansen <aagjohan@...>
> It depends. It might be (a lot of) back versions of records that
> "garbage collected" because your query touches those records. Do
> use "Commit retaining"?


> In your case, if your first query initiates the garbage collecting
> process this can explain why it is slow and why the next ones are
> fast (there's simply no more back versions (garbage)).

Would FB scan to see if there are garbage for cleanup upon startup
even though there isn't? By the way, I'd like clarify that the
sluggishness only occurs after cold start of the machine. Shutting
down the FB and restarting FB does not cause the sluggish response.
So, it may probably related to Windows cache. But I don't understand
why it is so slow (seems that it is doing somesort of table scan).

> I believe Ann and Helen (and probably others) have explained this
> better many times on this NG (and others) - maybe a search in the
> archives could clear up this.

Yes, please help.