Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linux performance
Author Lester Caine
Steve Wiser wrote:
> Yeah we saw the same thing with some of our Cisco gear. The
> auto-negotiation was just detecting the settings incorrectly and 1 side
> was operating at full-duplex, the other at half-duplex. We had to
> manually set both ends to full-duplex in our case.
> Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
>> Lester Caine wrote:
>>> Where do I go next to speed up the Linux network side of things?
>> These are
>>> both AMD64 machines with 2Gb RAM so they should be faster than the
>> windows
>>> boxes by a long way?
>> Lester,
>> Just a shot in the dark.
>> Once upon a time ago, I was experiencing a very slow gbak process when I
>> run gbak on my machine and the database on a server in my lan, If I run
>> gbak directly on the server the speed diference is huge (a small
>> diference I expected because of the lan trafic).
>> Nigel suggested me to turn off the auto negotiation link speedy on my
>> windows box and try to force it manually.
>> First I tried 100mpbs/full duplex the speed was slow too
>> then I tried 100mpbs/half duplex the speed was increased a *lot*
>> My switch is 100mpbs/full duplex, I dont know why it is slow than half
>> duplex, but something is wrong with full duplex.
>> Give it a try.

Why would that only affect my Linux boxes. The windows to windows performance
is fine, it's only linux to windows that is giving a problem.

( All the IP addresses are in the hosts files of all the machines Steve )

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