Subject Re: [firebird-support] Forcing closure of client transactions
Author Woody
From: "robertgilland" <robert_gilland@...>
> We have a situation,
> where we need certain processes to work regardless,
> User 1 has a record open in a transaction,
> causing
> our process which needs to update this record from running.
> We are thinking about using a hammer approach:
> ie.
> 1. We give a countdown message of an imminent closure of database.
> 2. We disconnect from the database
> 3. We shut down the database this will kick every one off.
> 4. We bring the database back online.
> 5. We reconnect to the database then run our process.
> Have other people had to do things like this?
> or is there a better way?

No sense in making everyone suffer. Build an idle timer into your program
that will close transactions after xx amount of idle time. That way, you
don't have to shut everyone down. You can make it configurable in the
program settings so that it could be controlled for different situations.

Woody (TMW)