Subject Re: [firebird-support] need ur help here
Author Ivan Cruz
Under Windows or Linux you can use isql comand line tool. Looks a lot
like mysql. On Windows, run
On Linux, run \opt\firebird\bin\isql.

On both OS, basic parameters are: <database> -user <user> -pass <password>.
Once "inside" isql, type help to have a list of commands. Don't forget
to user
";" (semicolon) to finish every command line.

If you prefer a GUI tool, download Flamerobin from for
both Windows or Linux or check that page

on IBPhoenix site for a compreensive categorized list of third part tools.

Ivan Cruz

Hoe Yar Lin wrote:
> i have a database that .fdb and if i want to open the database. which
> admin tools or control centre to let me open to see the table inside?
> like mysql is using mysql control center and yellowtips as a server.
> then how about firebird? please help me
> thanks