Subject Re: need ur help here
Author Hoe Yar Lin
i had tried but when connect the database it come out the error
message as below

***IBP::SQL Exeception ***


SQL Message:-904

and others....

i don't know what actually happen
can someone guide me?

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> wrote:
> >
> > i have a database that .fdb and if i want to open the database.
> which
> > admin tools or control centre to let me open to see the table
> > like mysql is using mysql control center and yellowtips as a
> > then how about firebird? please help me
> > thanks
> >
> Go here: and look at the bottom
> of the left-side menu bar for Admin Tools.
> I like Flamerobin (right-click is your friend), but
> there are a number of others, some free, some not.
> Michael D. Spence
> Mockingbird Data Systems, Inc.