Subject Re: [firebird-support] restore on Windows Vista
Author Dmitry Yemanov
pierpozzi wrote:
> Hi, I receive this error from Firebird 2.0.1
> Failed: This operation is not defined for system tables.Unsuccessful
> metadata update.
> Implementation of text subtype 65280 not located.

The problem is caused by some RDB$RELATION_FIELDS records that have
RDB$COLLATION_ID = -1. I have no idea what engine version or GUI tool
could generate it. It wasn't a problem previously, but text blobs
support collations in v2.0 and an attempt to find a collation with ID =
255 (-1) fails in your database. The issue should go away after setting
RDB$COLLATION_ID to zero for all records containing a value of -1 there.