Subject Re: a few How To......s
Author Adam
> > You can only get users logged in into a specific database
> > by using the Services API.
> >
> This means that one cannot also get thelist of all the databases
> present on the DataServer (this is separate computer).

The Firebird database must reside on a storage medium that is directly
attached to the computer the service is running on. No network shares.
Do not let your client computers have any file system access to the
database files.

A client computer CAN talk to the services API of a remote database
server providing it has the credentials.

> >
> > Firebird doesn't have registered databases on the server
> > side. It does have the "aliasses.conf" file, but as far as I
> > know, you cannot retrieve the list from the client.
> If we cannot retry aliases.conf file we cannot find the actual
> databases that exist. That is bad news for me.

What do you mean by retry? The server does not care what databases you
have on the hard drive. It is only working with those a client has
connected to.

The Firebird service does not lock aliases.conf. You can always open
it in read only mode.

> >
> >
> > by issueing:
> > select * from rdb$relations where rdb$view_blr is null
> > and rdb$system_flag is null or rdb$system_flag = 0
> This means I will have to mess with SystemTable for this. That is a
> bit frightning for me as I am a beginner in FB.
> Isn't there SQL Select facility like 'SELECT * FROM Tab' to retrive a
> list of all the Tables in a database?

No. Largely because there is little benefit. You can safely select
from the system tables, just don't change them. If it really frightens
you, create a view based on the queries you have been given and you
don't need to see under the hood.