Subject Re: switching over to Classic server
Author Adam
> We are running Firebird SuperServer on an installation that has
> approx. 500 connections (sometimes more). We are hitting the 3GB
> process limitation on 32-bit Windows which takes the fbserver service
> down almost daily. Performance has not been an issue other than the
> aforementioned problem - we are considering switching over to
> Classic. Is there anything that we should be worried about? We
> realize we may take a bit of a performance hit for initial
> connections, but if it keeps the server from crashing....
> We have been working on connection pooling, but have found that
> performance is not to our liking. We are also in initial testing of
> our product with Firebird 2.1. Of course, going to 64-bit would get
> us around the limitation altogether. Any suggestions or help would
> sincerely be appreciated. Thanks.

Classic will certainly add an overhead. It may work if your server is
resourced enough, but from our experience in default configuration it
will cost you between 5 and 15MB per concurrent connection to run
Classic. You mention that performance is not an issue, perhaps the
solution is to reduce the cache and sort memory to reduce the
footprint. You will need to restart the service after making these