Subject Re: [firebird-support] SELECT MIN
Author Tetram Corp
if you need the Date2 of the same line where Min(Date1) is, you can do
something like that:

select clientid, date1, date2 from mytable t1
where date1 = (select min(date1) from mytable t2 where t1.clientid =

fAlejandro Garcia a écrit :
> Hi! I have a 3 columns table: CLIENTID DATE1 DATE2
> for each CLIENTID can be more than one DATE1 so I have to select the MIN. Just doing this works fine:
> from mytable
> group by CLIENTID
> Now I need also to show DATE2 in the result, if I include it in the SELECT I need to include it in the GROUP BY but if I do that I don't get the MIN(DATE1)for each CLIENTID: it returns all of them..