Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Triggers
Author Martijn Tonies
> >2. It looks like FlameRobin is using ; as a SQL command terminator.
> >Because the trigger is internally needing one, FlameRobin only sees
> >down to the first ; so it does not see a valid create trigger statement.
> >
> >Try using
> >
> >SET TERM ^ ;
> >
> >AS
> > new.SEQ = GEN_ID(AREA_NEXTNO,1);
> >END
> >^
> >
> >SET TERM ; ^
> Beyond the boundaries of the isql application, DSQL statements don't
> have terminators. SET TERM and the whole concept of "statement
> terminators" are application-specific to isql. (That the default
> terminator that the isql shell imposes on itself, which is arbitrary,
> happens to mimic the PSQL statement terminator, which is not
> arbitrary, is coincidental..some would even call it "silly"...)
> As an accommodation for users who haven't got around to reading the
> literature, some third-party interactive SQL apps *tolerate*
> extraneous terminators on statements and even SET TERM statements in
> scripts, by parsing them out. Maybe FlameRobin does this, maybe
> not...I use IB_SQL, which does. It's certainly not a bug in a 3P
> application if it doesn't do this laundering, though.

That being said, script runners parse until ";" OR use the isql
behaviour, which is requiring a SET TERM to change the terminator.

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