Subject Re: [firebird-support] garbage collection
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:03 AM 15/04/2007, Luciano Bellini wrote:
>Thank you for your kind reply; I made a SHELL launching gfix -sweep
>but my problem is always there: after 255 ALTER TABLE ADD... i
>obtain the error 'too many version';

Luciano, that is not a garbage collection problem. You have hit a
limit to the number of changes you can make to the metadata of one
table. When this "format version count" reaches 254 on *any table*,
you must back up the database with gbak -b, then restore it using gbak -c.

>I purcheased the manual and I am waiting for it...probably I made
>some mistake in gfix...I hope the manual will help me to resolve
>this and others problems.-

As the author, I must admit that the effect of this limitation does
not jump out of the book and reveal itself in any obvious way. I
guess I need to make a note to place a warning in a sidebar in a
future edition.