Subject Re: [firebird-support] Documentation
Author Jonas Gauffin
Thank you for your answers.
I've browsed the pdf's and they look quite good. Guess I missed them
since they was labelled interbase 6.0 (thought that they were

> >The most useful (imho) documentation is the mssql migration guide, but why
> >not make it more general?
> MSSQL isn't standard SQL by any means, so the MSSQL Migration Guide
> isn't much use if you're not migrating from MSSQL. In any case, like
> all of our docs, that guide was written by a volunteer based on his
> own experiences. So - if you like the idea of some kind of universal
> migration guide, it could be a good time for you to start thinking
> about writing one
I'll make you a deal =) If you create a documentation wiki, I'll write
a universal migration guide in it. Wikis are an excellent
documentation tool, because it's way simpler for users like me to
actually contribute with something. And it's more probable that the
documentation will be up to date since it's easier for users to change
the documentation.

DokuWiki is a really nice wiki system.

> >I've used a lot of different db engines, and a general guide with the same
> >info would be proven useful for everyone that is coming from another db.
> Sure, there are lots of useful ideas, and none of them bad
> ones. Writing manuals takes a lot of I'm in a fairly good
> position to know. The Firebird Book, which I wrote in 2003-4, took
> more than a year to write, doing nothing else. A Firebird 2
> supplement is available. If you can read Russian or Portuguese, you
> can also buy translations of the original book in those languages.

Yeah, it's really hard to make good documentation.