Subject Re: [firebird-support] Increase the max context number
Author Magno Machado
I'm developing a software to transfer data from a set of dbf tables to a
firebird database.
I can't change the structure of the source or destination databases.
And in the strategy that I'm using to convert the data from those two
different data-structure I need to have a view for each table of de
destination database, with the same structure. And those views must
implements the same relationships of the respective destination tables.

13 Apr 2007 18:43:32 -0700, Alan McDonald <alan@...>:
> > I'm trying to execute a view which use more than 255 contexts. Because
> > of this, the view can't be executed. Is it possible to increase that
> > number? Or anyone can suggest me a work arround for this? I tried
> > to convert my views to selectable stored procedures, in order to don't
> > reach the contexts limit. But it caused another problem: the stored
> > procedures aren't using my indexes, so the queries takes much much
> > much time to be executed.
> >
> dare I say a slight table re-design would help?
> Alan

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