Subject Documentation
Author Jonas Gauffin
Firebird looks nice, but it stills lacks in the documentation area compared
to PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Where can I find documentation about:

SQL statements
Each db engine have their own additions, where can I find information about
* How do create table/altert able/drop table look like in firebird.
* How should sp's look like?
* triggers

Column types
Same with column types. Which of the SQL92 column types do firebird
implement, and do fb add any own additions?

I know about the gsec utility. Are there any corresponding SQL statements?
What roles are there?
is the GRANT/REVOKE statement supported?

Are there a search function for the doc? There are quite a lot of
documentation, but in
lot's of different files/sections which makes it hard to find specific

The most useful (imho) documentation is the mssql migration guide, but why
not make it more general?
I've used a lot of different db engines, and a general guide with the same
info would be proven
useful for everyone that is coming from another db.

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