Subject RE: [firebird-support] data retrieval
Author Peter Turner
Hi heLen,

It's to build a simple information tree, I believe. I'm not the
implementer - the idea was bounced off me as I've had database
experience, but couldn't come up with an elegant solution.

Anyway, I think the tree is simply to show whether or not a specific
type event (col2) has been scheduled on a specific day (col1). The
additional info would include record details (like time, machine, test
type, etc.). This would be used as an indicator as to when to start a
machine, for example, kind of like a schedule. From the "overview" tree,
the user would be able to "drill down" and get more detail as the
displayed view expanded.


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At 11:02 PM 12/04/2007, you wrote:
>We're looking to get all fields for the records that match the

Hmm, so if you want to eliminate records in which col1, col2 is
repeated, how do you decide which is the one you want the "other"
details for? Oldest? most recent? the one with the biggest (or
smallest) something-or-other??????

The requirement just aint logical...


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