Subject Re: [firebird-support] URGENT Performance problem
Author Stefan Heymann
Do you COMMIT every single record or do you COMMIT at the end of the
transfer? Maybe you should experiment with that (commit after each
record, after each 100th record, etc.).

You could also take a look at External Tables.

There will be improved features for Bulk Inserts in Firebird 2.1 IIRC.



> Hi all

> I have a big performance issue. My infrastructure looks like this:

> I have a central Oracle database where I host all data for my salesreps

> Each SalesRep has a laptop with Firebird running. Now I have to
> download data from Oracle to each Laptop day by day.

> I have a program done with Delphi. This inserts row by row and this
> takes to long.

> What's the fastest way to make a Batchmove from Oracle to Firebird?

> Herbert

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