Subject Re: current_time result differs from the time on the server.
Author Adam
--- In, Mitchell Peek <mitchp@...> wrote:
> Adam wrote:
> Was it out by exactly a number of hours but the minutes accurate or
> was it just sort of randomly wrong? There is a client timezone
> redirection setting in terminal services that may confuse things.
> -------
> Yes, exactly one hour.
> So, are you suggesting that if someone remote desktop'ed into the
> from a different time zone that this could have confused things?
> For the record, I saw this occur by running the query on the server
> itself, not from a remote client. Well, actually, from both, yielding
> the same results.

It would depend on how it was installed, but I believe it relates to
the session. By default I think it is installed under the LOCALSYSTEM
user, so that is the context the CURRENT_TIME would be evaluated as.
If the server was set to the incorrect UTC time, or the adjustment was
incorrect (say the recent US DST patch wasn't installed correctly), it
would be possible that the service would display the incorrect local time.

If the server UTC time was correct but the DST patch was not applied
on the server but was on the client, the client timezone redirection
would mean the clock would display the right time to the client.

Out of curiousity, if you have clients in multiple timezones, what are
you using CURRENT_TIME for? I would have thought you would need to
work in UTC and adjust at the client.