Subject Re: current_time result differs from the time on the server.
Author Adam
--- In, Mitchell Peek <mitchp@...> wrote:
> Adam wrote:
> By how much was the time out? What OS? SS or CS? Any ntp time sync
> service or daemon running?
> I have not noticed anything like this but since a new instance of the
> engine is effectively created under CS every time a connection is
> established, I may not observe it.
> --------
> Adam, super server on win2003.
> The first time I noticed, I did have the time sync service running, and
> contributed it to an idiosyncrasy of the fact that daylight savings
> had come early. The second time, I had the autosync off as well as the
> setting to autoadjust for daylight savings time off.
> After this second time, I turned both back on, and restarted the
> and so far, the time returned has been accurate.

Was it out by exactly a number of hours but the minutes accurate or
was it just sort of randomly wrong? There is a client timezone
redirection setting in terminal services that may confuse things.

There is also the fact that CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is held constant for
single operations compared to 'now' which changes even within an
operation. I imagine CURRENT_TIME works in the same manner as