Subject Re: current_time result differs from the time on the server.
Author Adam
--- In, Mitchell Peek <mitchp@...> wrote:
> Firebird 1.5.3
> I have an issue, twice actually, where, in the past few days, the
> from :
> Select current_time from rdb$database
> is not the same as the time on the computer.
> However, if I stop and restart the service, and then rerun the query,
> the time returned is correct. I have made no adjustments to the time
> on the server.
> Any ideas?

By how much was the time out? What OS? SS or CS? Any ntp time sync
service or daemon running?

I have not noticed anything like this but since a new instance of the
engine is effectively created under CS every time a connection is
established, I may not observe it.